Voxer PE Chat 

Before you know what is Voxer , you have to know WHY Voxer ?

Check what Adam @mradampe says about Voxer in his blog mradampe.com :

2014/15 I was introduced to Voxer, and this took twitter to a new level. Twitter you are limited to 140 characters, Voxer you are unlimited with the amount of characters, you can use it to share ideas in much more depth, with a maximum voice message of 15 mins allowed. It is a bit like listening to podcasts, but all things PE. Through Voxer I have not only been able to listen to some amazing ideas but also collaborate on ideas. The main PE group started out reasonably small, but now I may wake up to over 100 messages each morning! It gives my trip to work some purpose, as I can listen to what is happening in other peoples classrooms all over the world. There is truly some amazing educators out there. From the original PE group, people have smaller groups branched off from there, with me being in a few:

Now how to Get Started with Voxer

Check the new blog http://voxerpe.com/

Check Jo Bailey’s (@LovePhyEd) #PHYSED Voxer Guide

Ok how to join ??

1. Download the app : http://voxer.com/download/

2. look for #PHYSED Voxer Chat Groups to join

look at Mike Graham (@pe4everykid) PE Voxer Chat Groups Google Doc that lists the different physical education Voxer chat groups that you can join.

Just contact the admin of that group on Voxer, and let them know you’d like to be added. done!

Here’s the list of Voxer Chat Groups you can join, along with the Admins for each group.

Check here also a list of Voxer Group Directory

Enjoy Voxing !!!

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